Zendesk Support Suite.

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Zendesk Suite.

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service platform designed to help businesses handle customer inquiries efficiently. With Zendesk Suite, you get the most important modules of Zendesk at a good price and a number of tools that help you provide exceptional customer experiences. The modules are seamlessly integrated into one vindow, allowing your customer service reps to work quick and efficiently.

Let us explore the Zendesk modules:

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Zendesk Support.

Zendesk Support is Zendesk's flagship and one of the most comprehensive customer service solutions available today. This support software gives the customer service team a unified place to handle all inquiries from customers, regardless of whether they come via email, phone, chat or social media. From Zendesk Support you have access to the knowledge base and the self-help portal - Guide, apps and other customer service software from one and the same user interface. From the reporting tool, you can send advanced queries to Zendesk Support to gain good insight into how customer service is performing. All of these features give the customer service team insight into performance and trends, helping them improve the customer experience.

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Zendesk Chat.

Zendesk Chat empowers customer service teams to engage with customers in real-time. Through website chat or mobile applications. This module simplifies the process of swiftly responding to customer inquiries and providing them with personalized attention. Zendesk's chat functionality includes predefined responses, triggers, real-time analytics, and the ability to switch channels, such as email, among other features. Chat also offers tools for gaining insights into performance and customized reporting to assist teams in enhancing the customer experience.

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Zendesk Talk.

Zendesk Talk offers the customer service team a streamlined and effective solution for managing customer calls. This cloud-based telephony software seamlessly integrates with Zendesk Support, allowing agents to handle customer calls directly from a web browser. With features like queue management, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), rapid voicemail recording and editing, real-time analytics, and call recording for quality control and training, Zendesk Talk provides a comprehensive and efficient toolset for effective call handling and customer service. Zendesk will soon introduce AI for Voice, a solution that will automatically log and summarize conversations, alleviating agents from this task.

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Zendesk Guide.

Zendesk Guide enables businesses to establish and efficiently manage a knowledge base containing articles, documentation, and frequently asked questions. This empowers both customers and staff to access self-service options and find solutions without the need for human resources. This software offers a range of features, including article templates, seamless integration with Zendesk Support, and the analytical capabilities of Explore, providing valuable insights into the performance of the self-help portal. Additionally, Guide allows customers to provide feedback on articles, assisting businesses in pinpointing areas for potential improvement in their customer service efforts.

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Zendesk Gather.

Zendesk Gather serves as Zendesk's online community solution, seamlessly integrated with Zendesk Guide. When your customer base actively participates in an online community, it becomes a valuable platform for company employees to engage and offer guidance to community members. Moreover, this setup provides invaluable insights into your customer demographic, as they actively contribute and influence change requests through voting and participation.

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Zendesk Explore.

Zendesk Explore is an advanced software solution within the Zendesk family, designed to help businesses retrieve and analyze data pertaining to the customer experience. It offers a comprehensive view of the performance of the customer service team, providing insights into effective practices and areas for improvement in customer service. Zendesk Explore boasts features like customizable dashboards, a rich set of pre-defined queries, the capacity to create advanced formulas and queries, as well as the option to share reports externally. Explore further insights on Customer Service KPIs here.

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Zendesk Chatbot.

Within Zendesk's widget, you can offer various communication channels, including calback, contact forms, chat, and the Zendesk Chatbot. Zendesk Chatbot can perform simple tasks such as greeting customers and routing them to an agent. Moreover you can automate parts of the conversation, gather relevant customer information, and offer solutions to common issues. You have complete flexibility to customize the complexity of the bot to your preferences. Additionally, you can integrate advanced AI with the Chatbot to make it more sophisticated.

Zendesk Suite license plans:

Suite Team
per agent/month
(billed annually)
Ticketing system
Email, chat, voice, social media, etc.
Help center
Prebuilt analytics dashboard
1000+ apps and integrations
Pre-defined responses
Custom business rules
Agent workspace
SSO and 2FA
API access
Suite Growth
per agent/month
(billed annually)
Same as Suite Team and:
Multiple help centers
Dynamic content
Customer satisfaction rating
Light agents
Multiple ticket forms
Ticket field conditions
Opening hours
Support multiple brands
Customer ticket portal


Suite Professional
per agent/month
(billed annually)
Same as Suite Growth and:
Custom reports and live analytics
Side conversations
Skills-based routing
Community forum
Data location options
Access to Sunshine conversations
Eligible for Zendesk Advanced AI add-on
Custom ticket statuses
Call menu options
Suite Enterprise
per agent/month
(billed annually)
Same as Suite Professional and:
Multiple opening hours
Search across Help centers
Article scheduling
Category subsections in help center
Content blocks in articles
Custom agent roles
Audit log
External sharing of reports
Private groups
Dynamic, contextual workspaces
AI content cues in Guide
Eligible for Advanced Data Privacy and Protection add-on


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