Zendesk 2024: What's new

Zendesk is constantly coming up with new features, here are some of the improvements Zendesk has made in 2024:

News for Zendesk Support:

Quickly see recent searches and recently viewed

Zendesk has introduced a new search menu feature that conveniently displays the three items you most recently searched for and the three items you recently visited.

News for Zendesk Support

Agent Home

Introducing Agent Home, a new and enhanced dashboard for Zendesk agents. Here, agents can efficiently manage all their tasks, including:

  • Tickets they are assigned to
  • Tickets they're following or CC'd on
  • Active conversations

Agent Home updates in real-time, instantly displaying tickets assigned to the current user and the latest updates, eliminating the need for manual refresh. Please note: Agent Home has some limitations and currently supports only the following channels: web, email, and messaging, with additional channels coming soon. Feel free to reach out if you're uncertain about whether or not to enable Agent Home.

Zendesk Agent Home

News for Zendesk Explore:

Historical reporting on agent availability is now available in Zendesk Explore

This data is accessible from one of Zendesk Explore's predefined dashboards. With this dashboard, team leaders and others gain better insights into how agents allocate their time. Learn more about Workforce Management here.

News for Zendesk Guide:

Pin articles in the Knowledge section of the Context Panel on tickets

You can now pin relevant articles in the Knowledge section of the Context Panel on tickets in Zendesk. As a result, the article becomes visible on the ticket, which is excellent for training purposes or for others to see which resources were used to resolve the ticket.

Pinned articles on tickets in Zendesk 


Tables are now supported in content blocks

Tables have been added to the formatting tools available in Content Blocks. As a result, you can create content blocks containing tables or edit tables within content blocks in Zendesk Guide.

Zendesk utvider støtten for bruk av HTML

Check out the full list of HTML elements supported in Guide articles here.

News for messaging og bots:

Enhanced Collaboration in Messaging

We're excited to introduce increased collaboration capabilities for Messaging. With the new @mentions feature, you can now involve other agents in a conversation without changing the ticket owner. This functionality is available across web, mobile, and social media conversations. It's automatically enabled by default, requiring no changes in the Admin Center to utilize.

New Step in Bot Builder Allows Linking to Other Responses

For those familiar with building bots in Zendesk, you know that creating scripted responses for your bot involves mapping out potential paths in a flowchart. With Zendesk's latest enhancement in the bot builder, you can now seamlessly link one response to another at the end of a branch, significantly saving time and streamlining the bot-building process.

New Zendesk bot builder functionality

News for objects and rules:

Administrators can now restrict access to custom objects and their data

We've outlined Zendesk custom objects in this article. What's new for custom objects is that administrators can now limit access to them. This is particularly relevant where there's a need to restrict the amount of data agents can access or where custom objects contain sensitive information.

News for Zendesk Security:

Create advanced data storage policies with the Advanced Data Privacy and Protection (ADPP) add-on

Create deletion schedules to automatically remove closed tickets after a specified period. This helps manage data storage and ensures compliance with global privacy laws such as GDPR and CRPA. Refer to the guide "Creating Multiple Ticket Deletion Schedules for Advanced Data Retention Policies" for more information.

Two-factor authentication for end-users in Zendesk Help Center

The choice lies with the end-user, so this doesn't need to be managed by the administrator. This way, end-users can enhance their security in the Help Center.

Change in the sender address for incident notifications

Zendesk is changing the email address used to send incident notifications to improve email security and prevent notifications from being marked as spam. This change is a response to recent email security updates by Google, including specific authentication requirements for bulk email sending.

News for Zendesk Workforce Management:

You can now add start times for automatic shifts in Tymeshift (WFM)

As a result, the scheduling algorithm will determine the best time to start a shift individually, based on the forecasts you've set up in Tymeshift.

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